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I am a sucker for New Year goals. I always have the same standard ones: get fit, write a blog, try something new, be more confident blahblahblah. But this year, I got some inspiration through Facebook and came across the trend “#100daysofsport” and decided to try it.

1. I like a challenge
2. To improve my fitness
3. To get back my enjoyment of running
4. To be more creative with my sport

The idea?
VARIETY! I wanted to try new forms of sport and to not just runrunrun. The idea was to try do some form of exercise most days of the week. Doing cardio every day would kill my legs and joints so I wanted to mix it up with different forms: cardio, strength and flexibility. For some idea, this is my week so far:

Monday: body pump
Tuesday: running club [time intervals]
Wednesday: body combat
Thursday: long run 
Friday: rest day
Saturday: HIT home workout


How have I found it?

1. I have REALLY enjoyed it! It has been fun way of trying out new different sports, which I would have never done. For example, Body Combat – which is a mix of martial arts. Previously, I have been too scared to try as the class always looks intense with all the high kicking and boxing! Now it has become a regular weekly class for me and I love it!

2. I joined a running club, we go running every Tuesday and it has made me love running again!

3. My fitness has improved vastly in several aspects: running and strength. I wear a garmin watch and with tracking my runs I can see how my pace, stamina and heart rate have really built up.  [I will do a separate post on my garmin later]

4. One area I wanted to focus on was strength training. You rarely see girls in the weights area in the gym- most are too scared, nervous or intimated to try. And who would blame them. I have been a longstanding “bodypumper” for 1.5 years. Only over the past few months have I really pushed myself to build up my weights. And the result? I have noticed SUCH a difference! My weights have nearly doubled, I have built up more muscle and my strength is vastly better. Also, for any girls reading, weights are the BEST way to tone your body. #girlgains

5. Stretching: one thing I have learnt is how stretching and recovery is so important when you do a lot of cardio based exercise. I know stretch after every run- before&after. It helps with muscle fatigue and is so important for your poor little legs! I also try to do a yoga class once a week. This I still find very difficult!

6. One question I get is have I lost weight through all this exercise? Yes I have BUT this was never intentional. I wanted to focus on improving my fitness and strength. I have lost a little, around my waist/hips/stomach but actually other parts of my body have got bigger eg my legs have built up. Also my appetite has increased A LOT- a tray of flapjacks doesn’t last long with me! I have a little gremlin living in my stomach that needs regularly feeding!

On a side note: I feel strongly that exercise shouldn’t just be about “weight loss”- for me it is about fitness, improving your cardiovascular system, helping your mental health, and feeling proud of yourself! If you can find a sport you enjoy you will reap SO many positive outcomes!

That was rather a long post but hope you enjoyed reading it. Right I am off for my day 67 of#100daysofsport.