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I am currently sitting at Hong Kong Airport and have a 7 hour stopover until my transfer flight to Sydney! As a treat I booked myself into a lounge and I have to say I don’t regret spending the money. I thought since I have two long flights and long stopover, I could justify the splurge! Plus, I managed [with a little charm] to get an upgrade to the business lounge! I have had a refreshing shower, now sitting in a compfy armchair with a cappucino and a pasta salad  (and there is wifi woap!).

I thought i would write a post, since I have 7 hours to kill!

So here are my top 5 flight essentials:

 1. Download podcasts and magazines onto your iPad/iPod/kindle. I have downloaded the last few months of Elle (Tip: I get all my online magazine subscriptions- Elle, Hello, the Week, Tatley- free from my local library- check yours out!). I am a big fan of podcasts and my favourite ones currently:  ‘call your girlfriend’ – which is about two long distance US best friends, a journalist and a digital guru, having a chitchat about absoluteley anything from Beyonce’s bum to their obsession of caftans! A new podcast I have discovered is ‘extra pack of peanuts’ which is a travel podcast with lots of tips and tricks to spend less when travelling  [highly appropiate for me!].


 2. Keep hydrated: My routine is to always remove any makeup I have on when I get on a flight. I have quite oily skin and find I easily get break outs when travelling so I like to have a ‘bare’ face! Secondly, carmex and moisturiser are my best friends when flying. The air conditioning really dries up your skin so I always take a mini pot of face moisturiser and regularly apply! Finally drink LOTS of water. I probably drank about 2 litres of water on my last flight, which sounds excessive but it is so easy to get dehydrated. Also it will make you feel more awake and refreshed!

3. Healthy snacks: I am the queen of snacks! I always have a small tubberware box of some kind of snack in my handbag! So for my flight I took a pack of Medjool dates, ginger oatcakes, popcorn and a pack of blueberries. I don’t like airplane food- I find it makes me feel bloated and lethargic. I tend to go for the vegatrian option and usually leave the desert/bread/crackers so snacks are a must pack for me. [anyone with a sweet tooth- these medjool dates are heaven!]


4. Noise cancelling headphones: I use these Bose ones and they are genius. I can’t recommend them enough, they are brilliant for flights- you can barely hear the engines even in take off except for a sligiht vibration.  


5. Eye mask and fluffy socks (ok so actually there are 6 essentials!): one of my best friends always carries an eye mask around with her which I find hilarious, but actually I am SO glad I packed it. Eye mask + headphones = 5 hours of sleep.  Lastly, some compfy fluffy socks to keep your footsies warm!

See you in Sydney!