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I woke up on Easter Monday to again blue skies and sun, so decided to try another run… this time hoping to be a bit more succesful. I looked at goolemap beforehand and planned a short 5km loop. I went out about 10am thinking it would be cooler… NO… still was so freaking hot. Also I was carrying a rucksack as needed to pop to the supermarket so maybe that didn’t help much! I was really hoping that I could acclimatise to running in this heat, in prep for my half marathon which is now less than 6 weeks away. Lets not panic. Waaaaaaa. [positive thinking Caroline]

In the afternoon I decided to try the Bondi to Coogee walk which is in every “top things to do in Sydney”.  It is a 6km cliff top coastal walk that starts at the famous Bondi beach. You walk along the cliff tops dipping up and down leading through parks, bays and beaches: Bondi beach, Tamarama beach, Bronte beach, Clovelly beach, Gordon’s bay and then finally you reach Coogee beach.

It was such a BEAUTIFUL walk- absolutely stunning views! I think the photos say it all. I discovered some pretty quaint bays and small deserted beaches. The weather wasn’t amazing [overcast] but actually it wouldn’t have been fun walking it in the heat!

Some photos: O I started the walk backwards from Coogee!

[viewpoint from Dunningham reserve  of Coogee] 

[Gordon’s Bay] 

[viewpoint from Burrow’s park of the coastline- you can see Bronte beach]

[Bet it costs a few dollars to be buried here]


[Bronte beach- spot all the surfers]

[Just chilling on a cliff top] 

[Reaching the end- looking back]

Hope you all had a nice Easter!