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The start of the week was rather frustrating with the weather. I felt like a trapped restless kid and all i wanted to do was go outside! However, the latter part of the week made up for it, I had some of my best running and achieved a few personal bests. I havent purposely been running faster or trying to beat any of my PBs,  I just have surprised myself when finishing a run and looking at the stats analysis on my garmin. I think the weather makes such a difference  for me, I am in such a good mood and enjoy running more.

I have recently got a new garmin forerunner, it is a little geeky, but I am loving it! It is the top end of the garmin running range, laden with lots of fancy high tech features. I havent had it very long and still getting used to all the different settings! I like the Recovery Timer which tells you how long you should wait before pushing it again, so if i go for a fast 10km run on the Monday it may say I should rest until Wednesday evening. It has some nifty specs like estimating your VO2 Max, this is to do with how much oxygen you consume when exercising. It is a way of measuring your aerobic fitness and potential.  So in theory, it could tell you how fast you could run certain distances. But thats a bit technical for my liking.

If you want a simple watch to record runs, I wouldnt recommend getting this to start with. It is targeted to runners who love running analytics, and you pay the price for it. The garmin forerunner 220 is a good mid range watch, fuss free and at £190 [including the heart rate monitor], it is definitely a decent investment for newbies. My father is very into his health and is incredibly fit. He used to be an avid runner until he developed spinal stenosis, about a year ago, so now has turned his obsession to roadbiking! My father for a long time has used fitness trackers like garmins, fitbits etc. So I developed my keenness from him!

GPS fitness watches arent for everyone, I know several very good runners who dont wear one at all. You can get addicted to tracking yourself. But for me, it works. It is like my own personal trainer on my wrist! I quite enjoy looking at the analytics and it helps guide my training. The biggest pro of having a garmin is, it is easy to keep a log of your runs and helps you pace yourself in order to improve slowly. Most importantly, I think it makes sure you dont train too hard and avoid injuries.

Week 3 of training [20th April – 26th April]

I completed 3 runs, 2 yoga classes and a 10km coastal walk.

x1 short run: 6km

x1 medium: 11km

x1 long: 16km

Total distance:  33km [Aim was 33-35km]

I was really tempted to do another run on the Sunday, but I need to be careful as my legs were rather achey. I decided instead to do a coastal walk [from Spit Bridge to Manly beach]. In hindsight, it wasnt very restful for my legs as it was more of a hike!  But it was a beautiful walk.


My long run this week was with my running group on the Saturday morning. We ran along the southwest bays of Sydney- Rozelle, Pyrmont, Darling Harbour. It was a beautiful route and full of runners in the early morning sunshine! I was originally only going to do 10km, since I had got up for the dawn ANZAC memorial at 2.45 am so wasnt sure if I felt like a long run. However, I was running well and enjoying myself, so decided to push a little further [also the fact that their was the incentive of breakfast at the end was rather motivating!]






We all met back at Lemonia [a greek cafe] and had breakfast in the sun. I had porridge with poached pears and mixed berry compote. It was the perfect recovery!  


 I am trying out a new yoga studio this week, called HOM yoga. It has been voted as one of the best yoga schools in Sydney. They practice solely hot yoga, which is derived from ‘Hatha’ yoga, involving slow stretching and focuses on your breathing. The room is heated to 38 degrees which they say allows the body to detox and sweat out all impurities. The heat softens and strengthens the muscles, allowing for improved and prolonged flexibilty. It is a loft studio, with an eco-friendly set up. The heat is derived from ‘Far Infrared Technology’ which is scientifically designed to produce sun-like heat. It is quite a swanky swish place with a contemporary kinda feel. I like how they provide fresh towels and everything you need for yoga practice, so you dont need to worry about bringing along your own mat. 

 How did i find it? My God, do you sweat. You pretty much have sweat dripping off from your arms/legs/face/back, but you do actually acclimatise to the heat. After the initial period of thinking there was no way i could withstand this heat for an hour, my body built some endurance and I was able to concentrate on my breathing and hold the poses. I definitely felt it the next day, how the stretching is a lot deeper.


Happy Running People!