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Here is the second upload of my Bali photos…

I ended on a beautiful sunset at Gili T, so heyho lets start on another one! I have SO many sunset photos but I just have to share them as they were pretty stunning.  

One evening we tried the night market- i think i paid £4 for my dinner! They cook it on a BBQ next to the stall, but jeeez they use a lot of chilli! 


Next: Gili Air [my favourite island]. It was smaller than Gili Trawnagan, I could run around it in 30mins! Also a more laid back kinda vibe, so perfect to end our time at.

 … Breakfast on the beach

Our mode of transport around the island 


 …. It is actually quite hard trying to take a selfie when cycling!

I ditched Frances… My new friend Marmalade

Our favourite place to chill

We got up for sunrise 

 I dragged Frances to yoga… I think she secretly loved it. Beautiful outside studio.

Thought we would make a bit of an effort …


The beach on our doorstep

Divine dinner at Scally Wags 



Our last night  … and it decided to rain for us 


Our taxi to the boat- horse and cart!

Then it was just me- Frances headed back to UK 😔 and I got a boat to Lembongan. It was probably one of the roughest boat journey I have been on. I sat outside at the back and usually never suffer from sea sickness, but jeez 4 hours of roller coaster waves was something. There were quite a few people on the floor suffering badly and being sick.

Found a fabulous little cafe for a delicious breakfast [cashew and date smoothie was heavenly] 

Local kids playing on the beach

Watching the sunset [passtime favourite!!] 

 with icecream and beer! 

Exploring the island on motorbike… Locals unloading water bales  


An enormous Banyan tree:  such bizarre trees with aerial prop roots growing like thick wooden dangly arms!

Seaweed drying: apart from tourism, seaweed farming is one of the main drivers of the local economy on the island. Two substances are obtained from the seaweed. 1. Carrageenan which is used in cosmetics and 2. Agar which is a vegetable gel.    


Poor little chicks, i asked why they were being kept in a cage and the man said food 😦  


Dream beach    

Last day of yoga