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It has been a while, almost three months. Wow, how time flies! And SO much has happened

  1. I had truly the most amazing time on my elective. Some of my favourite happy photos…

–> Fraser Island


[Lake Mckenzie]



–> Whitsundays



–> Gt Ocean Road

[Grampians National Park]



[The Twelve Apostles – actually there are only 8 left]


…. and obviously a classic aussie photo of a koala! Not only in the wild but with a baby


2. I graduated from my medical school  . . . and I am officially a DOCTOR. I still get goosebumps when i think about it  DR C A Z R.

FullSizeRender copy


[My family – who i would not have survived medical school without. Their support, patience and love I am eternally grateful for.]

. . . My brother also graduated from Sheffield! Proud sister.


3. I have survived my first 6 WEEKS as a FY1 DOCTOR.

I can’t quite believe how time has flown and we are half way through September. As a medical student, you spend so long studying and the journey seems never ending. When you finally reach the end, it feels SO surreal being “A DOCTOR”. You suddenly go from wandering aimlessly around the wards, feeling a waste of space, getting in the way . . . to being thrown onto the wards with a list of 60 patients who you are responsible for, a gaggle of relatives constantly thrusting questions at you, a bleep that you want to throw against the wall and then suddenly realising you havent been to the toilet all day. Basically, in summary, I feel like i am climbing Mount Everest and i am just about clinging on!

 I try to remain calm and collected …


But in reality, I can relate to this 90% of the time


But am i enjoying my job? Yes, I am. I might be terrified but I am panicking less and less now when a nurse comes up and asks me to review an unwell patient. I am becoming more confident in my clinical judgement and not needing constant reassurance. I try to cling onto the moments where I know I have helped make a patient better OR even simply when a patient says thank you.

I am also very lucky as have a great supportive network of FY1s, there are 21 of us in total. Most of us live together in one big block of flats in hospital accommodation [we simply roll out of bed and walk 200metres and we have arrived at the hospital!]. We moan, rant, laugh, cry and most importantly watch Great British Bake Off together.

4. I ran my second HALF marathon! 

Since starting work, I have been finding it difficult to switch off when I come back home. The first few weeks, I didn’t sleep well and constantly dreaming about my patients. I suppose living with other FY1s, it is natural to talk/rant/de-stress about your day. BUT I really want to be able to separate WORK and LIFE. I found running was the only time I could zone out. I entered myself into the Bristol Half, a fair while ago, as after really enjoying the Sydney Half, I got the race bug! I did have second thoughts when i started work in August, thinking maybe it was bit too much, trying to train for a half marathon and starting a new job. I have been quite relaxed with my training plan and it actually has been a great distraction and de-stressor for work.

I will write a separate post on how i found the race and my training!


[I may have signed up to another race or two woapsies!]

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