So it has been a while  …. my last blog post was September 2015! Life got in the way as per. I started my blog when I went to Australia for my elective, back in April and I loved doing blogging out there. I blogged about my adventures, travelling and running. I think coming back to the UK and starting my job as a junior doctor, I had little inspiration and motivation to carry on blogging.

However, since the start of 2017, I have been thinking about starting blogging again. I follow a few bloggers and I really enjoy reading their blogs. I would like to have my little space again! I worried that my blogs or content would be dull, but to be honest this blog is for ME and I shouldn’t really care what people think when they read it. I have a few ideas I want to blog about . . . but firstly a quick catch up since Sept 2015!

  • I am now a FY2 doctor. For non – medics, it essentially means i am now in my second year of foundation training. Last year I was based in Kent – in a small coastal town called Margate. This year I have moved to South East London and working at Lewisham hospital.  I am loving living in London, being around my family and friends.



  • I just turned 26- this week in fact! Shitsticks – now I am officially in my mid-late twenties. [I think i will still pretend to be 25 in my head]. Age has never particularly bothered me. . . but two of my close girlfriends got engaged in the past month . . . #letsnotpanic. Maybe this year, I  should really do something about the whole datingmylarkey. I feel I am relating more and more to Bridget Jones [hides granny pants and eatclean books].
  • RUNNING: quite a lot has happened since the last time i blogged. I completed my first ever MARATHON, my first ever TRIATHLON and did the Bristol HALF mara  again!
  • I did the Paris marathon in April 2016. Training wise wasn’t amazing, as running in the winter, dark, cold months isn’t much fun and with work i just didn’t commit too well. I also got patellar tendonitis a month before the race. On reflection, I surprisingly wasn’t that nervous about it as I had the mindset that it was my first ever marathon, so put no pressure on times etc. The actual race brings back such special memories. Yes, I did found it hard, the last 5miles were just so painful. BUT it is that feeling you have after the race of being super proud of yourself and feeling on top of the world!



  • The triathlon – I entered the London AJ Bell Triathlon which was in July 2016. This was rather a spur of a moment decision. I liked the crazy idea of challenging myself with an event involving 3 different sports. My main reason was i wanted to learn how to swim. I have never felt confident with swimming and being honest, I didn’t really know how to front crawl. The whole experience of putting your head in the water, swallowing water and probably resembling a drowned cat. . . in essence I really needed some swimming lessons. Even more so because the triathlon involved swimming 1.5km in open water [only realised after entering #woaps]. So i found a swimming coach and it was just SUCH fun. I had a couple of lessons in a pool and then we went to straight to the sea. Margate has a couple of lidos so I had open water swimming lessons!


  •       What is next with my running? Well I have made a promise with myself that i want to run a marathon every year for the next 10 years and i have certain time i want to aim for in my head.  This year I have entered the Stockholm marathon – which is on the 3rd June #watchthisspace

SO that is a whizzy update and i am quite excited to start blogging again. Who knows it may only last a few weeks but I feel ready to get back into it again.

Happy Running!