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Long time no speak!

I am currently sitting in one of my favourite coffee places and was scrolling through instagram [standard anti social coffee behaviour] which led to me looking through all my old photos . . . which led me to my blog. I forgot how much I enjoyed doing it . . . reading my old posts made me rather emotional.


I follow a lot of bloggers and it is so easy to get absorbed into their lives and get swept away. I love the idea of the blogging community but it is rather like social media… it can have negative connotations. I started my blog when I went to Australia in 2015, for my medical elective at the end of medical school. It was a platform primarily to write about all my experiences and travelling, also a communication channel for my family. I remember feeling nervous writing it at the beginning as it is on the internet . . . public . . . for everyone “to judge”. To make a blog, you are talking about yourself, people may view it as self absorbed. But I see it as brave, confident and “a don’t care” attitude of what people think. When I was reading through my old posts, I like how the blog is just me and my thoughts written down with no worries and no care. It is my little space.

I thought I would post again as it felt right and several rather important life events have happened in the last year.  The most significant one . . . I AM MOVING TO AUSTRALIA!! 

I made the decision last year, that I wanted to go to Australia after my foundation training and work out there for a year as a doctor. After foundation training which is 2 years, you apply for further training eg GP training. I have known for a long time that I want a year out of training and didn’t apply for further training in the UK. I didn’t feel ready to commit to another training program. I want some time out of training to fly my wings and explore other exciting opportunities. Also another reason why, I havent definitely decided on which speciality I want to apply for; and for me there is no rush or pressure to complete my training.

I am not going to talk about how I applied for a job in Australia, as it is such a lengthy stressful process [I started in February and only a month ago I got my visa approved]. The exciting news is . . . I have a job working in A&E, in a hospital in ADELAIDE. So I will moving to Adelaide! 


In a way this blog is rather sentimental as I started it when I went to Australia 2 years ago. Now I will be moving out there! I am a bundle of emotions currently as in less than 3 weeks, I will be getting on a plane with a one way ticket #shitsticks. I am excited for all the new adventures, new experiences, new friendships, new step in my career. I am also shit nervous about living in a country half way around the world, completely and totally away from family and all my loved friends. These past few months have made me realise how lucky I am to have such a great family and friends. I have a small family but they are my rock. Thinking about leaving them, makes me teary. I also have an amazing group of girlfriends- who have been incredible support and they are such solid loyal fabulous friends. I keep thinking am I doing the right thing moving away!?




This is something I have wanted to do in so long. Ever since I went to Australia 2 years ago, I have had a yearn to go back. It is hard though seeing my good friends progressing in life. I feel like I will be missing out on big life events, where I want to be there celebrating, supporting them. However, moving to Australia is FOR ME, this point in my life is the right moment. I know it will only help me grow as an individual and be positive for my life.

I recently read an article in Red magazine about how we all reach milestones at different stages in our life and how it is easy to feel out of sync with your friends. It talks about how there isn’t a “pinnacle of happiness or success” but the pathway you chose as an individual is what matters. The article really related to how I am feeling.

“Arm in arm but never in step”

I really feel moving to Australia is the next part of my journey and who knows where it will lead to.


This turned into a rather philosophical post, but I am rather emotional at the moment!