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Hey, I am currently sat on my bed eating peanut butter on rye bread, feeling like a zombie after my night shift! There is a storm going on outside so I am watching the crazy angry sea and not feeling guilty being in bed at 1pm!

So how is life going?

Well I think it is going quite well?! I keep getting a guilty feeling, like I am on holiday and it will be ending soon. I think it’s because I am just adapting to a new lifestyle. It is very  different to what my life was at home in London.

The big news is I have moved! I loved my time in Henley in my little unit but decided to move to Glenelg, which is the nearby coastal town. It is known as the urban beach of Adelaide, about 10 km from the city centre. I already made the decision that I wanted to live at the coast rather than the city. Although Glenelg is not as pretty as Henley, there is more going on. It has a high street with lots of restaurants, cafes and small shops.  I imagine in the summer it will get very touristy and busy, as it is the main go to beach for Adelaide. The high street is quite geared up for tourists and the end part has a strip which I am not that keen on- the typical fast food bars, cheap restaurants etc. But I think overall it is a good place to set up a base and I am really happy with my decision.

The next decision was whether I wanted to live by myself or not. Originally I liked the idea of finding my own little place but then thought with doing shift work, I may get lonely.  I met my flat mate, Olivia through facebook! She posted in one of the Adelaide UK doctor groups whether anyone was keen to look for a flat together. It was quite bizarre when we met, almost like I was going on a blind date! Olivia is really lovely and I am so glad now, retrospectively that I decided to live with someone. Also she is a keen runner and has done 3 marathons! Yay a running buddy hah! She has actually done all her marathons with her mother, which is rather incredible!

Olivia and I

Finding a flat was not that easy as leased furnished flats are not very common. The flat we decided on is located on the espanade, right next to the beach and is very central location. It has a pretty amazing views which is what we were sold by! The flat itself is actually an apartment block of a hotel. It looks like we are living in the hotel! I believe the hotel about 15 years ago sold the end part and converted it into apartments. When I looked around the flat I was a bit put off by the “hotel vibe”, it did feel like I was living in a hotel and was quite sterile. However, since we moved in Olivia and I have made it homely with rugs, cushions, blankets etc! You can tell 2 girls live here! I am really happy with it, apart from some issues with the estate agent which I won’t even bother wasting my time talking about. Lets just say estate agents here are SO useless and one of the most frustrating customer services I have ever had to deal with. But waking up every day with the view of the sea is so therapeutic. Even if I have a shit day at work, coming home to the flat feels like a little happy place. ❤️❤️

View from our flat

The main area

View from my room ❤️

The next update is I bought a car! All Australians seem have a car and everyone I have spoken to has said to get a car. There is a tram from Glenelg which goes to the city centre. With cycling you can get around to the city and main beaches easily. However, I was keen to get a car even before I came to Oz, as wanted the freedom to be able to explore outside Adelaide, do day/weekend trips etc. Another reason was for work, it is about a 45 min cycle from where I live, which I wouldn’t mind doing. But a lot of my shifts are late shifts, finishing at midnight and I would rather not have to cycle at that time.  My family friends Eve and Crispin, their son George was selling his old car and I made the spontaneous decision to buy it! It is a serious old banger! If any of you guys know my old car- the silver squirrel – well it is FAR more vintage than that-  say another decade! Veronica (yes I have named her already) is the ripe old age of 24 …  I am being totally serious! She is so vintage that you have to pump the accelerator pedal a couple of times before starting the car LOL. I discovered this the day after buying the car, when it didn’t start!

I didn’t want to spend much money and the car itself has been looked after well by George. I looked into second hand cars and I would have to spend minimum $5000, which I cant really afford . So I think Veronica suits me well! I look forward to all the exploring and adventures I will share with her

Say hi to Veronica! 

Some exploring I have done. . . 

The Marino Coastal Boardwalk Trail. I did part of the trail a couple of weeks ago but it was so windy that I only managed a bit of it. Olivia and I spent last Sunday afternoon walking it. It was an absolutely stunning day.  There were some crazy people running it! Walking it was a hard enough workout, as so many steps and climbs!

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

Exploring Adelaide’s coast line.  You just need to drive 20 mins out of Adelaide and can discover some beautiful beaches. I headed to Port Noarlunga, which is 30 km South of Adelaide. I did a walk along the cliff tops, it was a rather grey and windy day but felt like I had the beaches all to myself!

Trying to learn to surf. 🏄🏄 Last week on a day off, some colleagues from work and I decided to spend the day trying to surf! We drove to Middleton beach, an hour South from Adelaide. It is located along the south coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula. It is a beautiful stretch of white beaches and old coastal towns. We hired some surf boards, got into our wetsuits and ran into the sea! Naturally I spent 90% of the time under the water and didn’t master the elegant surfing style. I barely managed to hold onto my board! It is seriously exhausting. We did about 3 hours and afterwards I felt like I had ran a marathon! We went to this amazing bakery afterwards and I got a “bee sting cake”. I had never heard of one, apparently it is a German cake. It is has a  donut texture with a crunchy honey almond topping and sweet vanilla custard filling… bloody insane!!

Kayaking with dolphins. 🛶🐬 Last weekend I had off woap woap! Olivia and I went kayaking in North Adelaide, where there is a dolphin sanctuary. It is a marine protected area and has a resident pod of around 40 dolphins. We hired a 2 man kayak for 3 hours and went paddling along the river and through the mangrove creeks. It was great fun and quite surreal having a dolphin swim a couple of metres away from you!

Spot the dolphin near the pelican!

blog post 2.JPG

And lastly some compulsory beach run photos! 

I might attempt to venture outside in this crazy weather and get a coffee. O one of my best purchases in Oz so far is my reusable coffee cup … hah seriously I love it 😍 !

Ignore the hat imprint on my forehead! #coffeepostrun

Every year 3 billion coffee cups are thrown away in the U.K.  Most in fact are not recyclable, as they contain polyethylene. This is the layer in the inside of the paper cups, that makes the cup waterproof and polyethylene is not recyclable. When I think of my life back in London and a standard weekday morning…  all the commuters with their takeout coffee cup on their way to work, it is rather scary about the amount of waste we are producing. Our convenience culture is having a huge impact on our global waste production. We need a shift in consumer behaviour, towards a more conscious form and simply buying a reusable coffee cup is a way to contribute. My reusable coffe cup is by an Australian brand called KeepCup. It is BPA- free and is leak proof. I keep it in my bag and use it pretty much daily. I have looked and they are available to buy in the UK. Also a lot of coffee places offer discounts if you bring your own coffee cup. Get one and do your little bit for our planet 🌎


Speak soon! I am off to get a coffee #littlethingsinlife