What’s happened in last 5 months?


My parents came out in October and I spent a week with them in Adelaide and Barossa Valley. It was such a lovely chilled week! I loved Barossa Valley – spent our time cycling around the wineries, drinking lots of vino, eating delicious food. Such a great week! My parents are coming over again in February. My mother and I are going on a road trip around Tasmania!

HotDub Wine Machine- a festival in the McLaren Vale (wine region south of Adelaide). Wine, dancing, sun and good company!

Went to Melbourne with some girlfriends and saw my father.

SUP (Stand UP Paddleboard) is quite popular in Oz. I have tried surfing and spent 90% underwater, I just don’t think I will ever succeed to stand more than 1 second. However, I have really got into SUP. There is a beach 20 mins from mine, that rents boards so I often go get one for a couple of hours. It’s one of my favourite things to do on a sunny clear blue day. So I decided to buy a paddle board myself Side note: Jenifer Animation supposedly swears by SUP so I have great expectations of becoming super toned. Pahahhhhhhh.

Standard brunch and coffee snaps

Exploring more beaches

My first Christmas in Australia

At work on Christmas Day!

New Years Eve Shenanigans. Had some pals to my flat for some drinks. Only managed to find 2 decent photos on my phone. A drunken evening involving 60 bottles of wine/Prosecco/ beer, 6 broken wine glasses, 3kg of mince for tacos (I went a bit overboard) and a 2am swim.

Spend some time with my U.K. pals Christina and Geoff. They came over to Adelaide over Christmas to visit family for a few weeks. We met when we did our elective in Sydney in 2015 so it felt like old times spending time together in Oz! We did a trip to Kangaroo Island which was stunning!

Went to Melbourne for the Australian Open with some pals. It was a fab and rather boozy weekend! We saw some great tennis!

After I drove down to Mornington Peninsula which is about 1 hour drive south from Melbourne. It reminded me of South France… beautiful beaches, turquoise water, small seaside villages with chilled alfresco vibes. I spent a couple of days there exploring the coast line, going on trail walks, brunching, evening jogs, reading my book. There are some natural hot springs which I spent an afternoon at where I had such a blissful massage. It was such a great getaway.

A few sunsets to end on

Speak soon!